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SpaFiner WTA 2015



Biodynamic Agriculture: Deliver A Wellness Experience

Issue 18

Spa Professional Mexico – About Us

The industry magazine for spa professionals across México   Providing up to date information on global & national spa trends, news & events, products & services, new launches, networking opportunities and the growing community of spa professionals in an expanding industry W...


Feel Urban Day Spa, Live Aqua, Mexico City

  Situated on the well-known Paseo de los Tamarindos, in the fashionable neighborhood of Los Bosques de las Lomas sits the Live Aqua Mexico City Hotel & Spa. This trendy, innovative hotel creates a welcoming and relaxing ambience from the moment you enter the lobby. With eclectic décor, plush seating areas and soft but upbeat melodies play...

Nomina Su Spa 2015

Hora Sexta


What is your guest capture rate (for resort spas)?